How To Successfully Accomplish Your Dreams

Stephanie Lynn
December 5, 2017

There’s no set plan when it comes to chasing and accomplishing a goal. The only consistent advice I can give is to never give up, which I think is one of the hardest things to do. Mostly because there is no set time frame on when things will happen and you have to continue to press through when everything in life is falling apart.

Just about two years ago in decided I wanted to be a businesswoman. Working a job, dedicating my life to someone else’s dream just didn’t sit right with me. I sat back and deeply thought about it and came up with some crazy facts about working for some else. First, a company is telling me how much my time and talent is worth. You’re paid and hourly sum no matter how amazing or horrible you are, we’ve all had that one coworker who doesn’t do a thing while we’re busting our asses and we still get paid the same. You sacrifice holidays and weekends, for me, holidays and weekends are the peak times, so while all my friends are making plans, I’m at work. I won’t have a legacy to pass on, when I one day have kids and grow old, I want something for them to have. Now no, my future children will not be forced to follow my path but I want them to have that business mindset and either run my brands or sell them and create their own.

All of that made me want to utilize my talent and my degree that’s collecting dust to do something. So Beautifully Beat by Stephanie was born. At the time I registered my business and wasn’t really focused, I was 27, still drinking and partying but that this year everything changed. After that destructive year of 2016 that none of us want to speak of, something inside of me knew I couldn’t just keep talking about my dreams and not really doing a ton to accomplish them.

Step 1: Get Organized

For me, if I’m not constantly checking myself and seeing my goals I will not focus on them. So January I started with my vision board. I separated my goals into 5 focused that are important to me. Family, Career, Finances, Travel and Health.

When you write your goals, make sure they are something you can actually accomplish. Not those New Years Resolutions we all set to try to lose 50lbs by February haha. With my vision board it was something I wanted to accomplish by the end of 2017, but for me I needed my goals broken down more. So Every month I write down what I want to accomplish that month, what goals I accomplished from the previous month and what I didn’t accomplish from the previous month. Breaking down my goals helped me because it made my goals feel tangible. Constantly check your goals and adjust them accordingly, everything is not set in stone and life happens.

Step 2: Keep Like Minded Friends

I’m not saying ditch on your friends who aren’t in business but you need some friends who are in business. Being in business is HARD!!!!!! Even if its not business, each career path isn’t easy, you need support from someone who has went through what you went through or is going through it. You wouldn’t ask a lifeguard for advice on nursing issues would you? So you need those nurse friends if you’re a nurse. I am blessed to have a lot of friends in business or those taking risks for their dreams so we encourage each other during hard times.

Step 3: Join Networking Groups… or Start one

One of my friends and I attend networking groups when we can but when we went we were always the youngest by far and the only people of color. We saw a need for a networking group for our age range with more diversity so we created a networking/social group. Which we will be having an event next month so I will for sure let everyone know about that. This goes back to keeping like-minded friends. Help each other!!! Promo each other and collab!!! There’s enough money for all of us to win. Share business cards and hype each other up. If I have a friend that I know will benefit from something another friend does then I’m telling them about each other and making that connection.

Step 4: Believe In You

Stop looking for validation in likes or other peoples IG goals. I struggle with this because I have a lot of amazing friends. My friends are buying houses, getting married, starting families, and in amazing careers. Sometimes I look at them and feel inadequate because I finally got a good paying job then I stepped down to work as an intern for MAC. Now I knew in the long run it would pay off but when I made this decision I didn’t know how long it would take to pay off. I still live at home, I’m 29, single, nowhere near marriage or starting a family like I thought I would be, I’m a grad school drop out haha but I can say in December 2017, I’m happy. I had to stop focusing on my friends and other people because it takes away the focus I could be putting into bettering myself and actually reaching my goals. I did something a lot of people are afraid to do, I took a risk, and did something to sacrifice now in order to give myself a better future. It wasn’t easy, I cried a lot, more than a normal person. I wanted to quit a lot of things because I was tired of trying and failing, or not able to do things because I was broke, I still am. I talked to my circle of friends who I knew would give me solid advice but overall I had to put my big girl panties on and make a decision to chase my dreams or look back in 20 years and wish I would’ve taken the risk.

My last piece of advice is to imaging yourself in 20 or 30 years, would you look back and have in major regrets. I knew if I stayed in a position where I wasn’t happy just for money I would be miserable. I don’t want my younger cousins, niece and nephews to look at me and not be inspired. I don’t want to preach to them through regret, I want to tell them they can do whatever is in their wildest dreams they want to do because I lived it. I want to look back at my life like damn, I had fun, it was hard but I beasted the hell out of all my goals, and you all can to.

Stay Beautifully Encouraged

Stephanie Lynn

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