The Leap of Faith. Trusting The Process

Stephanie Lynn
November 28, 2017

I have not blogged in months and I almost didn’t want to blog again but I feel compelled to. I feel like no one really reads my blog but for some reason I miss it. A lot has happened in the past few months which is the reason for the title. As you all I know, almost 8 months ago I accepted at position at Dillard’s as a business manager, leaving Sephora. In August I stepped down from the business manager position at a cosmetic counter to become an intern for MAC Cosmetics. It was a difficult decision, not because I didn’t want to work for MAC but because I would be taking a significant pay cut and hour cut by taking this position. I know in order to truly reach your dreams you have to not only take a risk but actually believe in yourself that you will not fail. So after 4 months, which felt like forever and through all my struggle I can finally say I’m a MAC Artist!!!

It brings me back to the title… The Leap of Faith. We all grow up having these big dreams of what we want to be and our parents and teachers tell us that we can do anything if we put our minds to it…now they didn’t tell is you have to use a hell of a lot more than your mind to reach your dreams, but that’s another story. Then suddenly we are told we need to give up on those crazy dreams and do what’s practical. Decide your career, go to college and get a job. Sadly most of us are making these life decisions at 17 and 18…. but we can’t even buy liquor. I don’t know when that transition happens where we have to stop dreaming but I never experienced it. I did though do what I was told and went to college, graduated and failed epically at a job search where 5 and a half years and thousands of dollars in debt later I ended up in the makeup world. I finally stopped listening to my family and everyone else around me and followed my own damm dreams. I spent too many years following the dreams of what everyone had for me.

Chase your dreams even if others around you don’t support you know. I’ve had people close to me not believe in me but I kept going. Even times when I wanted to quit my support system lifted me up and kept me motivated. Things will not always be easy but it is so worth it in the end. Now it’s time to set some more goals and demolish them.

Stay Ambitious

Stephanie Lynn

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I’m excited to read more about your journey…


God bless you you’re a true example of taking a leap of faith continue to pray and trust in God he has you. Love u lots!!! Thanks for the inspiring story!!😘😘